Take big risks

In a world of perfect rules and regulations God asks us not to be perfect but to step out in faith. As I think about the risks I’ve taken out of faith such as moving to a different state. No family, no friends, no home yet, only a new career & $800 I ask what’s new now? My age.  I’ve grown, have more self knowledge, still a risk taker out of faith & know myself. Back then I didn’t know much or what I wanted to do or become just that I wanted to make good money $$$ and if it took moving to an unknown state then so be it. Never had visited AZ but grew to love it except the heat. Thank God for pools.

Because of fascination with branding and marketing I know myself without having someone tell me who I am or what needs to be done. As a matter of fact as I master it… It has brought me into awareness & I’m the one correcting people as its opened my eyes fully.teslinnov

When I read Elon Musk (Tesla) is driven by passion in social media I already knew it’s not passion but “power” 🙂 Its not that I know more I’ve just invested self education in the world of branding and marketing my passion. Confidence is a beautiful thing <3 If it’s not broke, break it. – Innovation Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zones. All through my life even as a perfectionist had to do hard things and risky things that led my adrenaline skyrocket 100 mph! But… In the end its worth it all. Stand out or sit down and if your standing up make sure your behavior drives action because people watch feet vs words.

A New Way of Advertising

Digital Podiums to boost Sales and Increase Exposure

Reaching pedestrians walking by your store front or hotel it’s now a possibility with valet podiums by Digiads343val in San Diego. How these valet podiums make advertising to people easier? These digital podiums have different use, some companies prefer to used them on the front of their entrance such as nightclubs, bars. And others use them on their parking lots or inside like casinos, or wedding events. The juice out of these platforms come out during the night when the digital valet podiums use their three (3) High Definition screens with high pixels to showcase all the ads. It’s a night when it will catch all the attention that the business owner is looking for when leasing one of these podiums. The kind of advertising that can be run on these digital valets are Video and Still ads, even though there is no sound like most of the out of home advertising platforms, you are guaranteed to catch the people’s attention .